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7 Blend

Keeps me calm and rational during perimenopause. My immunity is a lot better too! I highly recommend this product and continually order to keep stocked up.
Such a lovely place to purchase from too! So friendly and ship out your order fast.

Amazing for ADHD

Love the 7 blend! Really helps to get up and going in the morning, definitely a great tool for the ADHDers out there

Calmness and Clarity

These products are really good
I certainly notice a difference when I don’t take them

Great product and service

this product arrived very quickly and included a personalised thank you note. I love the product and will be ordering again

Mother nature's medicine

The best Tinctures available, and the little thank you notes you get with every purchase just show how great full they are for, support small Aussie businesses that are supporting the health of the people 😀

7 Blend Alcohol Free Mushroom Liquid

Amazing quality.

trusted supplement

of the mushroom combination supplements i have tried touchwood mushrooms have the product i value the most a trusted helpful health benefit i rely on; from a team i believe are dedicated t6 providing a healthy product.

Perfect 👌

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of mushroom taste…..but this stuff is PERFECT, can't taste at all and I'm getting all the benefits! Will definitely be ordering more, thank you.


Amazing quality , great price and quick postage

Great stuff

The 7 blend mushroom extract is fantastic. It really helps overall in my body to feel happy and healthy and it tastes great especially in my morning cuppa

Great product, excellent service, thumbs up all round.

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms
Jordan Gonzalez
Excellent product

Excellent and reliable product may be expensive but you get bang for your buck with the amount that this company gives you.

Great product

Would like to see more variety in package deals.
Cheers, Robert

Touchwood Mushrooms

I have been using a few different types of mushroom product for almost 12 months now, these include Reishi, which I use in my
night time cup of tea, and Lions Mane , which I use in the morning.
I'm very happy with the.product and the amazing service. Thank you Touchwood Mushrooms.

Musht Have Supplement

After a couple of months now of using the 7 Blend Oil, it does seem to have created a much more positive atmosphere in the household. Good stuff👍🏻
Plus the service and supply is top notch.

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms
Mrs. Cris Brown
Dedication to Excellence

I am thrilled with the ongoing outstanding service and the dedication to excellence that is my experience with the Touchwood products and service. Quality products and the little things that make a difference down to a hand written note of thanks with my order. I could not recommend this business any higher. Cris

Good service

I received my order quickly. Along with probiotics and Tresos B this is my only supplement support (having chemo for ovarian cancer). So can't comment on effectiveness. My first bottle of 7 Mushroom Extract delivered promptly. About to order Turkey Tail to take for next month or so.

Love my products

LOVE Touchwood

Thank you Touchwood Mushrooms.
I have been taking Turkey Tail, Lions Mane and Chaga regularly for a few months now and I love them.. In fact I gave a few bottles to family and friends as well to get them started.
Highly recommended to anyone looking for healthy, natural alternatives. You won't be disappointed!

I also use these for my therapy dog, Alfie.

This is a great product and I have noticed a difference in my memory and ability to concentrate. I also give the non alcoholic 7 blend to my Kelpie, called Alfie, he is a therapy dog that I use in my practice. He has a gut issue and this helps regulate this and keeps him very healthy.

7 Blend Alcohol Free Mushroom Liquid

Much more clarity

I started to feel the benefits after around two weeks of taking it. My mind feels sharper. I’m not struggling to find words when I’m talking to groups of people, which helps my confidence.
Definitely part of my morning routine. Highly recommended !

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder


My husband and I have been using Touchwood Mushroom powders since 2021 when we came across the product on holidays in Albany WA. I use the Shiitake for immunity and my husband uses Lions Mane for brain function. Ordering is easy online and the delivery is within a few days and always with a little hand written note. It's those little touches that count. We simply sprinkle on our oats every morning. Touch wood, I have not had a cold or flu or suffered any illness since commencing using the product. I do suffer with autoimmune issues and this has been a game changer for me. My husband also finds the product easy to use and enjoys good health. We thank you for the wonderful product.


Feeling much better giving us more energy