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Chaga Mushroom Liquid
Melissa Halleen
Always a pleasure to shop with Touchwood

Another order arrives super fast & live shopping with these guys- thank you for excellent service AND excellent products .


Excellent product! It really does work. I have no brain fog and I over all feel great. Thank you.

Reishi Mushroom Liquid
Alison Buckley
Lions mane / Reishi

Great way for a healthier lifestyle, mushroom liquid is easy to use

Fantastic quality

I love the mushroom powders! The fact that they’re Australian grown and made is a huge bonus. Fabulous quality and prompt delivery. Will definitely re-order.

6 Blend Mushroom Powder
Craig Chamberlin
Great product

I have been taking these vitamins for about 2 months and have noticed improved in energy levels throughout the day


Always happy with the product and with the speed my order arrives. Just hope this order is easy to open. The last three jars were so tight, even my husband couldn’t open them without using a non slip mat a a pair of multi grips.


Love the local pick up! Makes it super handy when buying local. Great product, great price!

Very Happy

Fast shipping. Beautifully packaged. Great product which is helping not only us humans but also my small dogs. Mushrooms are so medicinal and to have a variety as a blend is wonderful. We have in our morning coffee and there is no change to the taste of the coffee.

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms


I am very satisfied with my product. It came in very quick time with a lovely card from the owners.


I just had the flu go through my house and out of 6 people I was the only one not to catch it, been taking the chaga for the last 6 months, was that why I didn't catch it ,dunno , but I'm going to keep taking it

Turkey Tail Mushroom Liquid

I feel no Different. got 7 blend. Turkey tale was better for me.

A great blend

All the benefits of several different mushrooms in one easy blend. Can definitely feel the difference when I don’t take them! Have already ordered our second bottle.


TouchWood Mushrooms seems to have made a lasting impression with their exceptional products and customer service. It's always a delight to see a business that go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Their dedication to quality and service has clearly earned them a loyal customer.

Overal happy

Great product, on the expensive end. Best to buy direct as I've found the mark up in local shops extremely high.

Just opened my latest order - I will let u know

just opened it.

Reishi Mushroom Liquid
Bruna Battagello
The Best

I suffer from brain fog, anxiety and gut issues but since I have been taking Lions Maine, Rieshi and Turkey tail things have improved so much. I highly recommend. Thank you Touchwood Mushrooms.

Good Stuff

Son loves it and is feeling so much better

Great quality

Great quality

Great product

Touchwood mushroom extract

Love my mushroom extracts, they give me much more energy during the day and peaceful sleep at night. I recently caught a virus off my grandson and didn’t take them for a couple of days and could definitely tell the difference when I resumed taking them. Wouldn’t be without them :)

A good in investment in my health

Excellent product easy to absorb into daily routine and well worth the investment

Reishi Mushroom Liquid
Susan Hammond

I am 70, have arthritis, got easily flustered and could barely leave my apartment. After trying a combination of the mushroom drops, I am walking, exercising even dancing. I feel calm and focussed and my old confidence is returning. I will definitely continue to order. Thank you!


Love the vib