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The quality of the product and customer service is excellent! My senior dog has a tumour but it stays in same size and maintains her health.

Cordyceps Mushroom Liquid
Katrina Springfield
Cordyceps and Lions Mane

My everyday save, thank you.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Liquid

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms

Great Product

Love Touchwood mushrooms 🍄 great price, quality product, fast shipping, thanks.

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms


Great product, still could refine dropper efficiency though

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms
Coral Viharo Wood
7 blend

I loved my first batch that I bought locally…it was alchohol free….i bought the bigger online thinking it would be the same. Next time I would specify alchohol free!! It is not so palatable to me.

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms

6 Blend Mushroom Powder
Charlie Ransom
Surprised me on how well it works.

I’ve always had problems with night shift. Lack of energy and drive.
After using the 6 blend for two night shift swings now I don’t think I can work without it.
Gives me that boost coffee doesn’t and most importantly clears my brain fog.
Please keep this product always in stock.

Lions Mane Mushroom Powder

Still early days, we're just getting through our first jar.
Seems to be as described, which we have in our coffee and has no taste.
Will definitely be ordering more when we're halfway through the 2nd jar.

I purchased 7 blend to give to my dog. Bit early to tell of any health benefits but will continue with them. Will definitely buy from Touchwood again.

It Works!

I suffer with an auto-immune disease. Touchwood Mushrooms Lion's Mane Powder has fired up neurological synapses significantly. I will never not take a daily dose.

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder

Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

How I’ve found my 7mushroom oil

It tastes great and my memory is much better

Great product

I enjoy it every day

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms

Great Product

Super happy with my mushroom liquid. Next order will be out soon xxx

7 Blend

Love my 7 blend. Has cleared my brain fog and best of all my sugar levels are the least they have been in years. 🥰😍

Turkey Tail Mushroom Liquid

Mushroom powders

Great company to purchase from. Products are high quality. Delivery is super quick- 3 days from WA to QLD!! The products are packaged very well. Will buy from this company again for sure!!

7 Blend Liquid Mushrooms
Claire Jennings
100% recommend

Thank you Touchwood Mushrooms!!
I take 7blend and lions mane liquid. So easy to add to my morning smoothie.
Love that they have an alcohol free option too.

Delivery is always fast and I love the personalised feel of the card with my name hand written (it's the little things).

Keep up the great work Touchwood Mushrooms!!
Here's to the healing power of Mushrooms 💪🏼

Thanks again,

Great quality

My husband has tried multiple mushroom brands and says that this one is the best by far.

Cordyceps Mushroom Liquid
Roxanne Pendreigh

Quality product, very easy to take. Great customer service.